Christian Raiola
After a long apprenticeship learning the fine art of jewellery making, Christian spent eleven years creating unique, one-off pieces for some of Melbourne's best known jewellery stores. Christian decided to create his own company and in October 1988 opened Diamondline Jewellery. With a special love for the classics and a wealth of knowledge in design, every piece is one to remember.

David Cammarata
Working under the watchful eye of Christian Raiola from day one, David has spent 12 years perfecting the art of hand crafting and designing jewellery, with a particular flair for modern engagement rings and men's contemporary wedding bands, he has created some beautifully artistic pieces.

Dion Raiola
Following in his father’s footsteps, Dion is currently working under Christian and David to perfect an exciting new style, mixing old and new designs with perfection in mind. Dion is on his way to becoming a vibrant and fresh member of the Diamondline Jewellery Design Team.